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Critical Human Geography

Who are we without place, and history? Always defined by place, and always defining place – people and society can be well understood from a geographical perspective. In a country populated with people full of hope and energy to move, work, invent; but where resources are highly contested, inequalities growing, and the proclaimed potential of new technologies and interventions not fully understood or tested; the field of Critical Geography is well positioned to understand many compelling issues.

Critical Geography, a component of the larger discipline of Geography, is primarily concerned with the mutually constitutive relationship between society and space/place. This relationship is viewed not just in physical terms but also in terms of power, representation, and practice, with the aim of uncovering places, people and voices that have been silenced due to certain established ways of seeing and knowing the world.

In Srishti we seek to introduce students to the theories and methods of different strands of Critical Geography (which draws significantly from political economy, post-colonialism, and feminist studies) and thereby expose them to a variety of theoretical approaches to interrogate relationships of society and space