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Admissions 2024: Experience Stream (Work or Practice based)

Recognition or Accreditation of Prior Learning

The National Education Policy 2020 strategizes to broaden the scope of formal education at the tertiary level and make it accessible to aspirants who come from the world of work or practice and who may not have formal certification for the skills they have acquired.

The Learning in terms of skills, competencies and knowledge one may have acquired through engagement with work or practice outside of formal schools is termed as Prior Learning.

Those with such Prior Learning are enabled access to formal tertiary education through a system of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL involves a system of evaluating the skills, competencies and knowledge that constitute Prior Learning against a set of standards.

RPL is carried out by such agencies that are competent in specialized areas and are authorized to examine evidences of Prior Learning against set standards and certify on the basis of that.

Recognition of Prior Learning involves the accreditation of  any or all of the above through a process outlined below.

Aspirants who wish to join Srishti’s Academic Stream may do so by

  1. Registering for the RPL process
  2. Getting a certificate (which counts as an accreditation) from a relevant Sector Skills council in line with the National Skills Qualifications Framework NSQF
  3. Completing the application process using the above certificate as a qualifier (MEQ) to sit for the SMEAT

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