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Student Housing - Bangalore


Picture Credits: MAHE Bengaluru


There are separate hostel blocks situated within MAHE Bengaluru campus for boys & girls. The hostels at MAHE Off Campus Centre in Bengaluru are under the management of the Hostel Management Committee. Click here for more info >>

The institution has also made adequate arrangements for the safe stay of its students within close proximity to the new campus during their study period.

Paying Guest Accomodations

Although Srishti Manipal is a non-residential campus , the institution has made adequate arrangements for the safe stay of its students during their study period at Srishti Manipal.

To date Srishti Manipal has empanelled six Paying Guest (PG) owners who provide student accommodation. Some of these PG owners have been with Srishti Manipal since its inception & have catered to the changing needs of the students & are in line with the PG standards & guidelines set down by Srishti Manipal.

All the PG spaces are within a radius of 10 kms from the Srishti Manipal new campus.

There are separate hostel buildings for boys & girls and the spaces for girls have a full time lady warden. The Srishti Manipal wellness team with the support of Office staff are in constant contact with the service providers & make frequent visits to the PGs with a view to creating a safe space for students and to ensure quality and security.

Disclaimer: Students need to get in touch with the paying guest provider directly and negotiate contracts with them independently. Srishti Manipal will not, in any way, be liable or held accountable for less than satisfactory services and/or for unpaid refunds. By utilizing their services, students and/or parents/local guardians assume full responsibility for any loss, damage, or liability resulting from the use of these paying guest accommodations or guesthouses.

PG Accomodation for Srishti Manipal Students

SPG has from its inception worked closely with us and provides housing exclusively for its students. The emphasis on quality, excellence, integrity, honesty and value for money has been an unchanging, unwavering part of the SPG’s thought process.

Sapna PG is built to provide you with a home away from home. A PG owner who is dedicated towards top quality food and brings the tastes of Delhi has been their USP since inception. The regular chat with all our students makes this a happy place.