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Picture Credits: Srishti Institute, Ajith Samuel

The tutoring program that has been set up in Srishti Manipal assigns each student a Tutor at the undergraduate level from Year 2 to 4. Along with calendared days for Tutor-Tutee meetings, tutors and tutees often meet informally and keep in regular contact.

Tutors look after the academic and professional development aspects of their students' time in Srishti Manipal as well as serve as a first point of contact and support for any other matters of student interest and concern.

Tutors typically serve as mentors for students regarding course selection, possible career aspirations and how to get there, and students’ engagement with professional forums. They often assist students to prepare professional documents, their portfolio or with reflective log/journal development. They guide their tutees regarding in seeking internships and offer guidance and support at all stages. Tutors monitor their tutees academic progress and provide continuity across a students’ academic career.

Tutors are often the nodal contact person for students regarding the multiple resources and sources of support available at SMI. They refer students to specific wellness or learning support staff if needed. Tutors often help students access resources and resource persons both within SMI and the wider communities of Art and Design. A defining aspect of the support that tutors provide their tutees is due to their understanding of a student’s personality and interests.

In a nutshell, the tutor-tutee relationship is designed to support a students’ holistic growth. As a result of long-term and personalized engagement tutors and tutees often develop a unique and meaningful relationship that transcends academic and professional matters.