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Student Experience at the Postgraduate Programs

A Day in the Life of a Post Graduate Student

As a Master’s student at Srishti Manipal, your learning for the day might be in one of the campuses of Srishti Manipal either within a classroom, in a workshop, in the garden, or at the local chai shop. You may also be meeting your facilitator and peers at Russell Market, Ibrahim Street or the Old Fort in the city of Bangalore. With a notebook in your hand and a water bottle in your bag, you might be an observer, a scribe, a designer on foot or an action hero, opening-up to multitudinous ways of learning and engaging with contexts at large. You are the enquirer, immersed in the labyrinth of your study, patiently uncovering new directions through mistakes and explorations. At any time in the day, you may be in a discussion with your mentor, in a dialogue with your peers, or immersed in your practice on your own. You might even wake-up one morning in Wayanad, or any other part of India, all set to engage with the boat makers, the heritage sites, or the innumerable people and communities with unique lives and stories. A day in the life of a Masters student at Srishti Manipal is one step taken independently towards the sculpting of one’s practice and the expanding of ones’ boundaries of knowledge.

A Year at a Glance for a Post Graduate Student

A year in the Master’s program at Srishti Manipal is a collection of days and weeks, each with it’s own special imprint, idiosyncrasies and triumph. In the first five weeks of the Odd semester that starts in July, you will navigate tutorials and making spaces peppered with time to contemplate, reflect and build on your line of inquiry. Then there is a time for focused hands-on skills engagement in a workshop followed by an extended space for a disciplinary or a trans disciplinary research project. These months from July to November are for questioning, tinkering, and ruffling-up of your senses through a collective and individually mediated mode of study. The weeks leading to Christmas are when Srishti Manipal reaches out and opens its doors to a confluence of design thinkers, professionals, scholars and art practitioners. We call this space Interlude. After Interlude, a space that has stretched your thought in myriad ways, the Even semester continues with more questioning, tinkering and ruffling-up of your senses. This over two years will make for a transformative and expansive portfolio, leading to a Capstone project and a Graduate Research Conference.

Group Discussion with students from Eindhoven University of Technology during a study tour to the Netherlands, February 2020

Sharing and discussing work with faculty and students at Eindhoven University of Technology during a study tour to the Netherlands, February 2020

Presenting Student work

Engaging in dialogue to consider how art and design practices can act as a catalyst and mediator to sense, shape and shift developmental paradigms

Experiencing Bidar, a place and community with a rich heritage

Interacting with and explaining a design idea to a visitor at the ICOMOS conference, 2018

Exploring interviewing techniques with Aliyeh Rizvi & Engaging in discussion with Prof Galla on contestations in heritage

Asking resource persons and mentors for inputs within the Dakhan region