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Digital Arts

Contemporary visual culture is replete with digitally produced and manipulated imagery. Digital intervention and enhancement is key to creating innumerable varieties of time-based media works in commercial and artistic spaces. From feature films, animation, video, gaming, interactive installations to several forms on television and smart phones, we come across works that challenge and extend our reality into newer digital environments everyday. Under the umbrella of Digital Arts at Srishti, you will be able to explore and create these environments.

At Srishti we encourage these explorations to start from an immersion in one’s social, personal, historical, cultural and contemporary situations. Whether it is movements that are drawn, models made to act, interaction of live-action and computer generated imagery (CGI) or the virtual worlds of gaming, this is the space to explore the new frontiers of time-based media formed by the interaction of time, movement and space.

There are four broad areas under digital arts:

Visual Effects
Game Design
Interactive Arts