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Google Doodle celebrates India’s Independence Day

Google Doodle celebrated India’s Independence Day with an illustrated art by artist Namrata Kumar, an alumna of Srishti.

Namrata Kumar is a Graphic Design Graduate from Srishti in 2010.

As the country celebrates its 77th Independence Day, Google on Tuesday marked the day with a special doodle illustrating textile from 21 different regions as a tribute to the country’s rich textile heritage.

An article published on The Hindu on 15 August 2023.

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Srishti Manipal students present innovative ideas on beautifying Bengaluru

As part of the 'Brand Bengaluru' initiative, the BBMP held a workshop with students of Srishti Manipal Institute at the MAHE Bengaluru Campus.

An article published online by Deccan Herald by DHNS on 08 August 2023.

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Mercedes-Benz AG Innovation Challenge Winners

A team of six students from Srishti Manipal Institute emerged victorious in the Mercedes-Benz AG Innovation Challenge and won the first prize  in this very prestigious international design contest, bettering some of the top design schools of the world!

Their project, Avishkar Autohaus, is designed to be a futuristic showroom for the year 2039, specifically tailored for the vibrant cities of India.

The vision was to transform the traditional showroom into a captivating experience centre that goes beyond showcasing cars. The SMI team created an environment where visitors could immerse themselves in an awe-inspiring automotive innovation and luxury journey.

Through a harmonious blend of advanced technology, sustainable design, and a deep understanding of our target audience, the SMI students managed to revolutionize the concept of a showroom. The focus was to offer an unparalleled customer experience and pave the way for the future of automotive retail.

This amazing victory would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and collective expertise of the exceptional SMI team members:

Vidushi Garg, Mythili Emani, Naomi Karodt, Param Gandhi, Arundhuti Dey, and Shreshta Santhosh.

Please click on the below link for details.

Link to the project on Behance - Avishkar Autohaus- Speculative Space Design on Behance

Mud mural taking shape at Cubbon Park Metro Station to chart city's water story

Walk into Cubbon Park Metro Station and what meets your eye is a mural in the making, which unlike others found in public spaces, is being made of mud sourced from 65 recharge wells being dug in the city's green space.

Taking shape as part of Srishti Institute's Art in Transit programme, the mural funded by Bengaluru Sustainability Forum and other not-for-profits, narrates the water story of Bengaluru and the dire need for recharge wells to save the city from an impending crisis.

Students and artists create a unique floating island.

The island, created by students and artists, is made of plastic and other waste. Close to 500-600 kilos of discarded bottles were used for this.

An article by Sandra Marina Fernandes , published on the, website on Dec 19, 2018

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IIMC Book Design by Kumkum Nadig is Bronze A' Design Award Winner

Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Print and Published Media Design Category in 2017-18
Kumkum Nadig for CPH, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology

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Art within hearing

Two leading exponents of ‘sound art’ explain the nuances of exploring the world through one’s ears and the use of sound as an artistic tool.
An article written by Hari Adivarekar published by The Hindu - Business Line. Click here to read the full article >>

The Top 10 Most Pioneering Art/Sustainability Initiatives in the UK

An article on the top 10 most pioneering Art/Sustainability initiatives in the UK.

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Bridging the gap between artists and the world

Srishti TV, launched by 14 graduating students from different departments of the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology..

Published in The Hindu, Read the full article here >>

Silicon Valley needs to get schooled

When we use a skillset based in the humanities to understand the world, we gain insight into these deeper issues. And these are the factors that actually drive business forward...

Published on the website

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