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Name of PG owner

Ms. Anitha Ajith

Registered Office

D 6/80, SFS 407 Colony,
Yelahanka New Town,
Bangalore - 560064

Various homes in multi-storeyed buidlings within Yelahanka New Town


  • Amenities
  • Wi-fi
  • Television
  • Elevator
  • Laundry
  • CCTV
  • 24 x 7 Security Guards
  • Full time Warden
  • Parking Facility
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchenette
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid
  • DC Plugs
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven Heater
  • Social Spaces
  • Power Back-up
  • Induction Stove

Tariff details

★ Double Occupancy: Rs. 13750 to 15250 per month.
★ Double Occupancy: One time refundable deposit Rs 40,000
★ Single Occupancy: Rs. 17,250 to to 23,250. Please contact the PG Management directly where occupancy is subject to availability.
★ Single Occupancy: One time Refundable Deposit Rs.60,000

Cost is inclusive rent of furnished rooms, food - Morning coffee/tea, Breakfast, lunch, evening Tea & snacks, Dinner (North/South Indian, veg & non-veg thrice a week.
Lunch is made available in the PG and also sent to campus.

Spaces available

Girls: 80
Boys: 22

House Rules

  1. Contract is for a minimum period of 1 year (July to following year June) and the same can be        extended further on mutual agreement.
  2. Boys and girls are strictly prohibited from entering each other’s P.G. even for purposes of work without prior permission.
  3. Night check in time is 10:30 pm latest. Prior permission from the warden is required for entry into the houses after 10.30 pm.
  4. Parents should inform the PG management in case of night outs.
  5. The PGs are intolerant to the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking on the premises. Any student found indulging will be asked to leave and the deposit forfeited.
  6. Ragging, sexual harassment or any form of discrimination shall be dealt with very severely.
  7. Detailed agreement needs to be signed by the student and parent at the time of taking possession of the accommodation.

Covid-19 Guidelines

  1. In case of COVID symptoms, Government protocol is to be followed. Although we will be taking precautions on social distancing and hygiene, since COVID kind of epidemics are beyond one’s control, PG management /staff will not be responsible or liable for any positive case in the PG’s. Any cost involved in providing additional support on treatment / services / isolation / quarantine will be on account of student / parent. 

  2. In the unfortunate unforeseen situation of a positive Covid case in the PG, the PG management’s will inform guardian / parents and take the necessary steps as per instructions of the College / Government guidelines towards the management of the case. The local guardian will have to arrange to reach the location and take over the management and supervision following government guidelines. Pg management and staff will be there with all possible support.

  3. The building gate will be closed at 10.00 pm. Student movement beyond that time is not allowed. Due to the COVID situation, only students staying in a specific PG building will be allowed to enter that building. (Even students from any Anitha PG building will not be allowed to enter another Anitha PG building).

  4. As per Covid guidelines, sitting in groups will not be allowed in PG. Any kind of celebrations will not be allowed in the PG. Being a part of the society, students are expected to wear mask all times, maintain social distancing and personal hygiene.  Random thermal screening may be carried out and symptomatic students will be required to follow government guidelines. Students cooperation is must in following Covid protocols and cooperating with PG management in this regard to eradicate this deadly pandemic from our society.

Refund Rules

  1. For confirmation of accommodation, refundable security deposit has to be paid and it has to be confirmed by PG management (which is Rs. 40000 in case of single room and Rs. 30000 in case of Twin sharing room) and a formal detailed contract to be signed by parent and student.

  2. Contract is for minimum stay for an academic year starting July 01, 2021 or the date of booking (whichever occurs the latest) ending June 2022. Refund will be applicable only after minimum stay for an academic year.

  3. In case of termination of stay before completion of the period, refund of deposit will be done only after receipt of full payment for the period of contract as they will be liable to pay full payment. (Termination may be due to personal reasons from student, or misbehavior of student, smoking in the PG, or consumption of alcohol or drugs etc. in PG - which are banned)

  4. Rent is applicable from July 01,2021 or the date of booking which ever occur the latest. In case college is not opened during this time for new academic year, rent at concessional rate is applicable (concession will be intimated individually at the time of booking). Once college is opened, full rent is applicable.


Students need to get in touch with the paying guest provider directly and negotiate contracts with them independently. Srishti will not, in any way, be liable or held accountable for less than satisfactory services and/or for unpaid refunds. By utilizing their services, students and/or parents/local guardians assume full responsibility for any loss, damage, or liability resulting from the use of these paying guest accommodations or guesthouses.

Contact Details

Ms. Anitha, 9449702569
Mr. Santhosh, 9360311356


Distance from Srishti Main Campus: 0.5 kms, Walk able distance
Distance from Hospital: 1km.
Distance from Pharmacy: 300 mtrs.
Distance from Bank ATM: 300 mtrs.
Distance from Public Park: 200 mtrs.
Distance from Police Station: 1.3 kms.

More Details of Anitha PG

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