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Media, Arts and Sciences (MAS)

Interactive Art.


The creative arts push the realms of what is known, challenge the limits of our imagination and reveal to us the essence of what it means to be human. Works of media and art offer infinite modes of communication for communities and people across time and space. The Interdisciplinary Studies in Media, Arts and Sciences nurtures these conversations through creative expression that can emerge within and at the intersticies of diverse disciplines, mediums and practices.

Installation at the Kalyani at Sultanpet.


  • Support the development of critical thinking and social consciousness in the next generation of artists and communicators.
  • Help develop one’s voice as an artist through one's practice, encouraging interactions with the creative and cultural industries, and building an awareness of issues at large.
  • Provide a platform for the sharing of knowledge of the self and others, cutting across realms of practice - from the traditional, classical, to the popular or contemporary and more.

Installation at the Bengaluru Metro.


Media Design and Production
Process of producing media content (for film, television, online and other platforms)

Moving Image
Storytelling and expression through different types of moving image, like animation, fiction and non-fiction film and  experimental film.

Contemporary Art
Medium-agnostic art practices. Exploring old and/or new media in engaging with the contemporary world.

Experimental Art
Art practices questioning methods, forms and disciplines. Art engaging with bio-science, technology, electronics, augmented reality, virtual reality etc.

Curatorial Studies
Engaging with informed and strategic modes of curation. Looking into the contexts and positionality of putting together and presenting work.

Community Media and Social Change
Participatory media production, films and interventions designed with deep engagement with particular communities and contexts.

Media and Entertainment Economics and Law
Awareness of the business and economic aspects of different forms of media production.

Practice Based Research
‘Making’ as a form of research. Pursuing a line of enquiry through the informed process of making and reflecting on one’s work.

Programs and Courses

Undergraduate Skill-based Vocational Program (B.Voc)


1. Digital Filmmaking is offered with the following pathways:
Direction and Editing

2. Digital Media Production is offered with the following pathway:
Visual Effects

Undergraduate Professional Program in Fine Arts (BFA)


Contemporary Art Practice
Digital Media Arts

Postgraduate Professional Program in Fine Arts (MFA)


Contemporary Art Practice

Program: Postgraduate Program in Arts (MA)


Documentary Film
Curatorial Practices
Professional Practices: Public Pedagogy and Art Practice