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"The Time Travelling Octopus" is the title of a workshop collaboration between Srishti Manipal Institute faculty members - Aparna Raman and Vinod K A - with FutureFantastic, a creative space at the intersection of Art+Tech+Climate change.
An environmental fantasy, "The Time Travelling Octopus" originated from a play, "The Night the Sea came Home" about a climate crisis, featuring a stranded octopus, a boy, an eel that replaces a pet dog, Mother Earth, a plumber shark, a Time Bubble and a fish delivering newspapers.
The play was written by Aparna Raman and published by her outfit, Timbuktoo Publishing. While Vinod K A, HCD facilitator at Srishti Manipal Institute lent his tech expertise with AI tools to enhance creative outcomes for the participants.
The workshop was hosted by Ranga Shankara in March 2023.