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BLR Design Week 2022 is the celebration of all things design and its growing relevance in the future of our city. It is a confluence of events that blend emergent technologies, catalytic thinking, vibrant conversations, disruptive collaborations, hybrid aesthetics and diverse design practices. This is a unique space for anyone with a dream to come and converse, collaborate or co-create along with the citizens, designers, institutions, industries and government initiatives to build a blueprint for a better-designed, more inclusive tomorrow. Blending the history and the future, the real and the virtual, the event aims to bring different individuals, with varied skill sets, attitudes and backgrounds to come together to imagine, iterate and implement ideas for the future of the city.
BLR Design Week 2022 invites all the wanderers and the wizards, the cautious and the curious, the madcaps and the wordsmiths, the dreamers and the design prophets to celebrate this experimental, hands-on, ad-hoc, collaborative and transdisciplinary spirit of design.

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