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Personal Statements vs Statement of Purpose

Personal Statement

Guidelines are given on the Penn State University site. Click here to view >>
Do refer to this if you need help in writing a great personal statement for undergraduate applications to Srishti.

Statement of Purpose

Guidelines are given on the MIT website. Click here to view >>
Do refer to it while developing a statement of purpose.

The guidelines are provided as a help to understanding the difference between an undergraduate personal statement and a postgraduate statement of purpose.

The Personal Statement is all about the candidate and reflects their interests and their personality.
The Statement of Purpose is about readiness for graduate study and is particular to the nature and program of study chosen at Srishti Manipal.

Do take these guidelines as an indication of expectations but not as an absolute requirement. Applicants may write in their own voice and speak about themselves and their readiness to study at Srishti Manipal. All applicants must have spent time on the website, becoming familiar with the culture, the ways of learning, the unique difference Srishti Manipal provides for all its learners.