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Admissions: 2 Year Postgraduate Arts Program

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2 Year Postgraduate Program in Arts


Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, offers a 2 Year Postgraduate Arts Program

The full mode program targets creative individuals who want to move into the cultural and theoretical sectors by adding a practical dimension to their existing degrees or qualifications.

The professional practice program is meant for working professionals who want to grow, develop and extend their practice by adding creative, informed and expansive dimensions.



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Eligibility for Admission

Applicants should have successfully completed any ONE of the following:

  • NSQF Certification Level 8 in relevent industry sector
  • National and International Universities – 3 year Undergraduate Degree including 3 year Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) degree
  • National and International Universities – 3 years Undergraduate Degree + 1 year Postgraduate Diploma Program (PGDP) from a recognized University
  • National and International Universities – 4 years Undergraduate Degree
  • Professional Institute – 5 years Undergraduate Degree

Please note that all awarding bodies must be recognised by state and/or central government institutions. Attach two copies of relevant certificates.



Master of Arts (MA) - Postgraduate Degree


Admission Process

An applicant must successfully complete the Postgraduate Program admissions process as outlined in the SMEAT protocol.

Selection Protocols 2024 - Postgraduate Programs

Fee Schedule for 2024-25


What are the characteristics of a Postgraduate Program, which is practice -based? (Art Practices, Design Practices and Interdisciplinary Practices in New Humanities and Design)?

"Practice-based professional learning (pbpl) is understood in contrast to 'classroom-' or 'theory-based' learning. It is kindred to terms such as 'work-based learning', 'workplace' or 'work-centred' learning. Distinctive, though, are a concern for professional learning, and the preference for 'practice' rather than 'work'. While it does not disdain propositional knowledge and what is sometimes called 'theory', its prime interest is in the formation of self-renewing and effective professional practices—a distinct theoretical position in its own right."

This unique and extremely nuanced postgraduate program has the following characteristics

  1. Duration of 2 years or 4 semesters leading to an university Master of Arts degree
  2. Has points of exit and entry that allows for the extension of the 2 years or 4 semesters to a maximum of 4 years (with drop or repeat of semesters) as per the published norms
  3. Focuses on developing and extending practice in an interdisciplinary manner, focusing on emerging fields of knowledge
  4. Provides for learner autonomy through both independent study as well as the opportunity to develop self direct inquiry within frameworks or boundaries of the published curriculum.
  5. Clear escalation to a doctoral programme of study (Click here to view)
  6. Opportunities to either practice as an independent artist, researcher, designer, curator or join research labs and studios who have  clear need of critical inquiry around practices and working culture of India or the Global South

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