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Vineeta Rath

Area of Practice

Design Generalist, Facilitator, Human Centred Designer


Bachelors in Architecture, College of Engineering and Technology Bhubaneswar

Masters in Industrial Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Certified Usability Analyst, Human Factors International (Credential ID 2014-334)

Work Experience


  • Design Researcher and Consultant - BRnD Studio, Mumbai, India
  • Lead UX Strategist - Dhobistation, Mumbai, India
  • Senior Human Factors Specialist - Human Factors International, Johannesburg, South Africa and Mumbai, India
  • Design Associate - D’Source, IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • Field Researcher, COSMIC, IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Samsung Design Member, Global Design Project, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design Intern, 3M India Limited, Bangalore, India
  • Design Collaborator, IDC, IIT Bombay + Samsung, Mumbai, India
  • Project Associate, VISION 2030, Dept. of Architecture and Planning, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, India
  • Freelance Architect, Bhubaneswar, India
  • Architecture Intern, Architects Collective, Bhubaneswar

Interest Areas


designing for well-being; embodied experiences; humanising technology and reimagining current paradigms of design pedagogy; service and experience design; cognitive psychology and persuasion


Current Practice at Srishti

reimagining and experimenting with the current paradigms of design pedagogy – especially in ‘designing for experiences’, exploring ‘BodyFirst’ - a somaesthetic approach to design, service design, experience design, interaction design, fundamentals of human centered design, persuasive and emotional design ideas to prototype


Creative Practice and Outreach

Faculty Sponsor for the ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, since its inception in 2018

Mentoring students for portfolios and for competitions. Co-Mentored 2020’s winning team at the Stanford Longevity Design Challenge 2020 – ‘Reducing the Inequity Gap – Designing for Affordability’ for the project Shishu, Sui aur Dhaaga by Daksha Dixit and Kavya Murugan, which beat out 159 other entries from 35 countries over the course of the competition

Delegate Representative at the Thanima 3 Conference, International Conference on Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthetics, along with a 6-member student delegation from the Srishti UG Programme, at NIT Calicut

Conducted the 'Opportunities for AI Integration' Workshop as a part of the 'Developing Innovation Strategies for Organizational Transformation Open Innovation Workshop - Ideating AI for your company' by Swissnex India Consulate General Of Switzerland, at IISER Pune

Student Volunteer Chair, IndiaHCI 2018 Conference, hosted by Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, at Bangalore


Recent Units facilitated




Industry Exposure

Projects showcase:

Students in class
BodyFirst: BDes Thesis Project– Students tapping into Bodily Information and creating Body Maps as part of Bodywork Sessions by Somaesthetic Practitioner, Shabari Rao


Students in class
Students after a fruitful day of discussions and learnings with the team at Fractal Ink, Mumbai


Students working in class
Industry Exposure: BVoc UIIE - Students interacting with Adobe’s design and development team at their office in Bangalore; Students with the Tactopus team after a workshop at their Bangalore studio