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Vijay Paul Punia

Area of Practice



Bachelor (Animation Film Design), National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Work Experience

  • Worked individually and in collaboration on Motion Graphics and Animation projects related to sustainability and social projects
  • Developed Space Design for corporate and recreational place
  • Conducted illustration for children books and tribal textile
  • Taught as Visiting faculty at NID and various other institutes
  • Led an Animation Department at UID  

Interest Areas

stop motion; motion graphics; experimental animation; crafts; textiles; space design; story telling

Current Practice at Srishti

Experimental design; 2D; stop motion and motion graphics animation; character design; storyboarding and acting courses related to animation

Creative Practice and Outreach

Cognition and learning behavior with a multisensory holistic approach

Projects showcase:

Students working in class
Animating the character of a gorilla in Stop-motion


Students working in class
Set building of a temple for stop motion animation