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Swati Dandekar

Area of Practice



Master of Arts in History, University of Pune, Pune

Post Graduate Diploma in Social Communications Media, Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

Work Experience

Over 20 years of practice spanning independent documentary films, television programmes, educational media, and curation, including but not limited to:

  • Essay films looking at the relationship between people, place, resources, and institutions of governance, in collaboration with economists and urban planners.
  • Collaboration with science institutions in documenting the history of science in India.
  • Design and development of educational media for rural schools

Interest Areas


representing the real; creating visual narratives of people, places, practices and ideas; cultural geography; oral history; tacit knowledge and people’s knowledge; history of ideas; objects and technology; media studies


Current practice at Srishti

Documentary film, Research methods for film, Visual Ethnography; Humanities

Creative practice and outreach


  • Ethno-documentary film about indigo craftsmen, as part of an on-going engagement with people’s knowledge and embodied practice
  • Dissemination of documentary films in the city through regular screenings and film festivals
  • Online collaboration with University of Winchester, for exchange of cultural frameworks and modes of film production


Projects showcase:

A Question of Livelihood- thesis project with students of film and animation

Swati Dandekar 1
A woman from the Toda community, who makes a living from embroidery


Swati Dandekar 2
A migrant worker dreams of her hometown


Swati Dandekar 3
Lockdown films - A dancer performs for the camera


It Takes a Village… General Studies

Swati Dandekar 4
Students in conversation with a village resident about threshing