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Sonal A Godhania

Area of Practice

Strategic Management Consultant, Stock Market Analytics, Data Analytics, Business Systems, Research Design


B. Com (Hons), Business and Commerce, University of Pune, Pune

MSc, Information Systems and Business Management, University of Bedfordshire, UK

PhD in Fast Fashion: The Dynamic Capabilities Underlying Project Management in UK Fashion Industry SMEs, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Work Experience

  • Visiting Lecturer at University of Bedfordshire, UK
  • Manager at Fashion Industry, Luton, UK

Interest Areas

strategic management; stock market; systems design;

designing personalized clothes

Current Practice at Srishti

Stock market analytics, System design and Data Analytics, Research Design, Strategic Management, Business Fundamentals

Creative Practice and Outreach


  • Godhania, S. A., Ramanathan, U., Ramanathan, R. (Dec 2019) Dynamic Project Management Strategies for UK Fashion SMEs (SCLP2019, Sustainable City Logistics Planning: A multicriteria perspective)
  • Godhania, S. A., Ramanathan, U. (2017) Dynamic Capabilities in the UK Fashion Industry: A Case Study of SMEs Presented at EUROMA Conference Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom Presentation with Paper
  • Godhania, S. A. and Ramanathan, U (2014) Dynamic Capability in UK Fashion SMEs, Presented at Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) Conference, Singapore.
  • Godhania, S. A., Ramanathan, U. and Williams, N. (2013) Dynamic Capabilities of UK Fashion SMEs: A Case Study Approach. Presented at: Logistics and Supply Chain Research Network, Birmingham, United Kingdom, Presentation with Paper.

Projects showcase:

More than Human Worlds

More than Human Worlds
Screenshot of student work highlighting that technological and systemic interventions might establish a platform to connect visually impaired individuals.


More than Human Worlds
Screenshot of student work exploring interaction b/w non-human species in the marine ecosystem through a gamified education model to create a sense of awareness and change behavioural perceptions in the long run, allowing for the creation of inclusive design interventions.


Interactive Data with Microsoft Excel Sheets

Interactive Data with Microsoft Excel Sheets
Screenshot of student creations of Interactive Dashboards using Microsoft Excel.


Interactive Data with Microsoft Excel Sheets
Screenshot of a Creative Portfolio made by a student using Microsoft Excel.