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Seema Sathyu

Area of Practice

Visual Artist


BFA (painting), Faculty of Fine Art,  M.S. University; Baroda

MFA (painting), Department of Fine Art, Jamia Millia Islamia,  New Delhi

Work Experience


  • Freelance as a visual artist
  • Taught Art at Neev Academy, Bangalore
  • Taught Art & Design at IGCSE and AS/A level at Inventure Academy; Bangalore

Interest Areas

painting; quilting; theatre prop making

Current Practice at Srishti

Foundation Studies Programme

Creative Practice and Outreach

Solo and Group Exhibitions

Children’s Art Workshops

Costume Design for Theatre

Projects showcase:

Form & Structure: Artworks with Paper Cut-out Figures for an Animated Narrative

Form & Structure
Student work


Form & Structure
Student work


Body & Context: Artworks on the Inter-Relation between Body-Sense-Stimuli

Body & Context
Student work


Body & Context
Student work