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Savinaya M S

Area of practice



Masters in Environmental Science, Kuvempu University, Karnataka.

PhD, Exploration of Angiosperms in sacred forests (Kaan) of Sharavathi river basin, central Western Ghats, Karnataka, Kuvempu University, Karnataka.

Work experience

Project Scientist - Assessment of regeneration status of wild woody species in moist deciduous forests of Western Ghats, Karnataka at Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute, Bengaluru.

Research Scientist - The status of Sandalwood plantations of Karnataka at Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute, Bengaluru.

Wildlife subject expert – Evaluation of the Impact of increased timings of the operation of Main Pipe Conveyor from Nandihalli yard to JSW plant on wildlife at Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute, Bengaluru.

Guest Faculty - Acharya Thulsi National College of Commerce, National Education Society, Shivamogga, Karnataka.

Guest Faculty - Smt. Indira Gandhi Government First Grade Women’s college, Sagar, Karnataka.

Selected publications

Savinaya, M.S., Narayana, J., Krishna, V. and Girish, K.G., 2022. A new distribution record of Memecylon clarkeanum Cogn. (Melastomataceae) to Karnataka from Sharavathi river basin, central Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa14(3), pp. 20792-20797.


Savinaya, M S., Narayana, J., & Krishna, V. (2021). New Locality of Psychotria octosulcata Talbot (Rubiaceae ), an Endemic Species of Southern Western Ghats from Jambani Sacred Grove in the region of central Western Ghats , Karnataka. Eco. Env. & Cons., 27(2), pp. 377– 379.

Savinaya, M.S., Jogattappa, N. and Venkatarangaiah, K., Endemic and threatened flowering plants of sacred Kaanu forests of Sharavathi River basin, central Western Ghats, Karnataka. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology, 9(2), pp. 246–257.

Savinaya, M. S., Narayana, J., Krishna, V., & Nayaka, S. S. (2019). A study on ethnomedicine floristics for treating Arthritis in Aneguli- Maradavalli village of Sharavathi river basin, central Western Ghats, Karnataka. Ethnobotany Research and Applications, 18(41), pp. 1-7.


Savinaya, M S., Sangamesh, S P., Narayan, J., & Krishna, V. (2016). Traditional medicine knowledge and diversity of medicinal plants in Sharavathi valley region of central Western Ghats. International Journal of Herbal Medicine, 4(6), pp. 124–130.

[Book Chapter]

Narayan, J., Shashidhar., Nanda, A., & Savinaya, M S. (2020). Carbon Sequestration Potential of Trees in Kuvempu University Campus Forest Area, Western Ghats, Karnataka. In Socio-economic and Eco-biological dimensions in resource use and conservation (301-310), Switzerland: Springer.


Interest areas

Forest ecology, Plant taxonomy, Phenology of wild flora, Shola forest, Grassland ecology, Ethnobotany.

Current Practice at Srishti

  • Plants and decorative practices studio
  • Visual communication
  • Information arts and Information design practices
  • Environmental exposure for PGDP

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Citizen Science initiatives- Bird walk, forest walk for primary school students at sacred groves of Sharavathi river basin, central Western Ghats.
  • Expert Consultant, Herbal Garden (Moolika Vana) Project, Sharavathi valayabhivrudhi samithi.

Projects showcase:

Culture, self and ecology workshop


Students performing Hase Chittara, a folk artform endemic to the region of Malenadu in Karnataka, where soil colours are used to portray the daily lives of agricultural communities.


Transdisciplinary research


Diya Maria Pais, a MA Visual communication student prepared a field guide using digital sketches of different types of thorny plants of Western Ghats, Karnataka.