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Sanjay Barnela

Area of Practice

Documentary Film Maker


Bachelor of Arts (Economics), Hansraj College, Delhi University

Work Experience

Co-Founder of Moving Images Films Pvt. Ltd, a Delhi based media company working on multiple media platforms such as documentary films, radio shows and print publications, and journals related to issues of common concern ranging from conservation, livelihoods, education and gender.

Interest Areas

rights - based conservation; the political economy of water; conflict and identity; alternatives to the modern development paradigm

Current Practice at Srishti

Head of centre, Srishti Films, a project space for aspiring filmmakers, where they work on a mix of independent and commissioned projects. They get to learn how the non-fiction filmmaking industry works and how to balance their creative practice with the brief of the commissioning agency - working in collaboration with domain experts to translate their technical briefs into a film using cinematic idioms and grammar.

Creative practice and Outreach

Conducting high altitude filmmaking workshops in the Himalayas for aspiring film practitioners, to sensitize them to issues related to the political ecology of alpine and sub-alpine regions.

Projects showcase:

Mountain Ghost Trail: A Landscape Approach to Snow leopard conservation in the Trans Himalaya

Mountain Ghost Trail
On site for the Mountain Ghost trail project


Mountain Ghost Trail
Students interacting with the locals on site