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Sandeep Chandra Ashwath

Area of Practice

Animator, Filmmaker, Anthropologist



BSc in Environmental Science, St Joseph’s, Bangalore

Post Graduation in Animation, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

MA in Animation, Royal College of Art, London

Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, University of Surrey, UK

Interest Areas

animation education; sacredness in moving image; reception studies and queer theory; cultural specificities in animation content; technique of minimal hand-drawn animation

Current Practice at Srishti

Dean for Media, Arts and Sciences, Head of Program for Digital Media Arts (BFA), Digital Media Production (DMP) and MA Animation.

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Animation Education in India, paper presentation, Chitrakatha Animation Festival, NID, 2013
  • Itinerant Illustrator, paper presentation, Chitrakatha Animation Festival, NID, 2015
  • Jury member, Experimenta 2015, Experimental Film Festival-Bengaluru
  • Mythical Past, Animated Present, paper presentation, Society for Animation Studies (SAS) conference, Concordia, Montreal 2018
  • Indian Independent Animation, paper presentation, Image Forum, Tokyo 2018
  • Cubes on a Carpet, paper presentation, Society for Animation Studies (SAS) conference, Lusofona, Lisbon, 2019

Projects showcase:

Moon in a Tea Cup

Moon in a Tea Cup
Mapping of a short story by Gabriel García Márquez



Moon in a Tea Cup 2
Mapping of a short story by Gabriel García Márquez