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Rustam Vania

Area of Practice

Editorial Design


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Work Experience

  • Worked as a creative communication designer for three decades, with a special interest in creating popular media (print and digital) on science and the environment
  • Creating – magazines, books, exhibitions, websites, games – for non-profits, international development agencies, government agencies and publishers

Interest Areas

popular science communication; environment; ecology; human geography

Current Practice at Srishti

Academic Dean, Final year ndergraduate students

Creative Practice and Outreach

Creative Director for media campaigns, Education and awareness on conservation and science education

Projects showcase:

Information Design, Publication Design, Typography, Habitat Studies

Information Design

Information Design
Student work from information design studio


Information Design
Student work from information design studio



Habitat Studies

Habitat Studies
Explaining the ecology of Avalahalli Forest and the formation of Dolerite Dykes to the students