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Priya K Iyer

Area of Practice

Industrial Design (Furniture  & Interiors)


B.Arch, Sathyabama Engineering College, Madras University, Chennai

Post Graduate Diploma Program in Furniture Design, NID, Ahmedabad

Work Experience



  • Visiting faculty at ACADES, Coimbatore, NID, Andhra Pradesh, NIFT, Chennai, DJAD, Coimbatore
  • User Research at Emerging trends in small cars (Onio Design, Pune)
  • User Research at Perception of Colour in interior spaces- (NID- Asian Paints)
  • Designer at Dovetail Furniture Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
  • Designer at Elephant Design, Pune

Interest Areas

photography; design thinking; colour & form; design history

Current Practice at Srishti

B. Voc, Creative Manufacturing- Product & Accessories

Creative Practice and Outreach

Design Development Workshop using Screwpine at Chaikulam, Trivandrum, Kerala- DCH Crafts Project

Projects showcase:

Entrepreneurial Design Thinking 2

Entrepreneurial Design Thinking 2-1
Systems Mapping: Generating a systems map to understand the system/ context of which a product is an element and to understand the relationships between different elements of a system in order to identify points of intervention


Entrepreneurial Design Thinking 2

Entrepreneurial Design Thinking 2-2
Value Chain Mapping: Generating a value chain map to define the points at which value is added in the making of a product in order to cater to values actually desired by the customer/ end user


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing 1
Mapping out the different parts and processes in the kitchen, in order to identify issues that when resolved could lead to ‘leaner’ processes


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing 2
Mapping out time taken and movement involved in the preparation of a dish