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Pooja Kaul

Area of Practice

Visual artist, Art theoretician



PhD in Exact Humanities from IIIT-Hyderabad

MFA in Painting from Visva-bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal

BFA in Painting, College of Art, Delhi

Work Experience

  • Assistant Director to Documentary Filmmaker Benoy K Behl in making of 12 films on on “The Story of Buddhism” and 2 films on the “Cosmopolitan Nature of Ancient and Medieval Indian Art” 2007-08
  • Lecturer at Center for Exact Humanities, IIIT-Hyderabad 2010-2012
  • Faculty at Srishti since 2012

Interest Areas

drawing; philosophy of art; phenomenology and ontological thought

Current Practice in Srishti

Drawing Practices (in inter-disciplinary as well as trans-disciplinary frameworks), Embodied practices, Contextual learning for various Modes of Story-telling for people and places, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Art-history, Historiography, Printmaking

Creative Practice and Outreach

Drawings in public spaces and also the relationship of the body-equipment as an interface

Stitching together creative outcomes to the inner world of a person with attention to Breath, learning from other embodied practices

Indian aesthetic thought and Kashmiri Shaiva philosophy

Projects showcase:

Relief Printmaking Workshop

Pooja Kaul 1
Student Explorations


Pooja K 2
Student Outcomes


Pooja Kaul 3
Print Making Outcomes


Study of Social Ecology

Pooja Kaul 4
Visual Journaling during study tour to Wayanad


Pooja Kaul 5
Review of a student’s developing Drawing-based practice