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Padmini Nagaraja

Area of Practice

Educator, Mentor, and Designer of Learning Experiences, Curriculums, and Pedagogical Frameworks, Creative and Collaborative Thinker


Postgraduate in Physics

BEd (Science and Math)

Work Experience


  • Physics (Undergraduate level) Instructor at National Defence Academy, Pune
  • Physics and Math Teacher across Indian and Cambridge Boards in high school and at higher secondary levels
  • Mentoring and facilitating learning across a wide socio-economic spectrum, mainstream and non-formal learning centres, science education and teacher education
  • Educational experiments include slow design, play, story, STEAM education, participatory research and learning expeditions

Interest Areas

every day, craft/artisanal work; socio-tech and contemplative practices; imaginative inquiry into learning and cognition; managing beneficial bacteria in the form of fermented food; bio-cleaning agents and spinning cotton and wool; Indian thought and practices

Current Practice at Srishti

Design in education, Systemic design, Cognition and contemplative practices, Thinking about thinking, Bio design

Creative Practice and Outreach


Designing next-generation learning environments

Conceptualising Community Garden and Café as sites for learning

Teacher practice development

Developing platforms for teacher Creative Commons

Projects showcase:

Unpacking Thinking

Unpacking Thinking 1




Unpacking Thinking 2


Unpacking Thinking 3
Thinking is a fundamental human activity; it allows humans to make sense of the world they experience.  While there is no consensus on ‘what’ or ‘why’ of thinking, asking ‘How we think’ seems to allow us to treat it as an action and therefore observe it, create tools to better it and facilitate it for others. So, it becomes important to curate one’s own toolkit for thinking, to practice and facilitate discernment and creativity, the two significant attributes of our thinking.


Living Libraries and Laboratories

Living Libraries and Laboratories
Creation of a blogportal: Catalogue of Concepts  from visualisations and experiments carried out in 10 days of studio practice spread over 5 weeks