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Lakshmi S

Area of Practice

Architect, Designer, Poet/Writer


B.Arch, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirapalli

M.A. Architectural Design, University of Sheffield, UK

Work experience

  • Volunteer, DAMned Art by Embrace Our Rivers – Exhibition
  • Student Reviewer, University of Sheffield
  • Architect, Triple O Studio
  • Graduate Architect, Petrofac Engineering Services

Interest Area

social & spatial inclusion in public spaces; product evolution & design; critical spatial theories; making research more accessible outside of academia; borders and migration; examining sustainable cities at building scales; initiatives to promote good mental health; mobility in cities (micro/building-scale understanding)

Current Practice at Srishti

Studios/Workshops on examining exclusion and inclusion in various areas (eg:- public spaces, product design, education etc.), Studios on mapping and related data visualization, Visualizing the hidden/intangible, Studios on understanding everyday objects and product design, Studios/Workshops on reading and evaluating urban environments, Studios/ Workshops on participatory techniques for obtaining public/peer feedback

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Currently involved in Bangalore Science Habba (BaSH) to develop exhibits under the theme “Urban Survival” with Lena Robra (NCBS, BSF) and Manasi Pingle (BSF).
  • Currently mentoring a scholarship winning student for my alma matter NIT Trichy, under the Jiteshraj Scholarship Program. Also, acting as a special advisor for the scholarship.

Projects showcase:

Contextual Enquiry: Form & Structure

Contextual Enquiry: Form & Structure
Foundation Studies student Aditya Sadavarte examined role of cinematography and camera angles in evoking emotions(suspense, fear etc.) in movies


Contextual Enquiry: Form & Structure
Abirami S Sharvari Totala prototyped a dining table with storage unit for a compact house which could be expanded into a dining table when used for eating and compressed into a storage unit when not in use



Public Space Design: Design For All

Public Space Design: Design For All
Empathy map by student Sonya Verghese


Public Space Design: Design For All
Bus Stop Design by student Khushi Monga