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Jacob Mathew

Area of Practice

Design Entrepreneur


5 1/2-year PEP - NID Ahmedabad

Various executive education programs in Social Entrepreneurship, Customer Centricity, Lean Manufacturing, Leadership

Work Experience

  • Co founder Tessaract Design which became Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd, helping build the notion of design at the high table in Indian corporates, catalyzing modern retail in India,
  • Building Business Design as a discipline in India
  • Co founder Dovetail Furniture
  • Co Founder Spring Health Water
  • CEO Industree Foundation

Interest Areas

Business Design; Entrepreneurship for Impact; Sustainability

Current Practice at Srishti

Business Design; Design and Entrepreneurial Thinking; Lean Methods in Business and  Manufacturing ; Entrepreneurship; Impact and Sustainability

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Impact Edge Lab a joint initiative with Industree Foundation that offers thesis projects to final year learners
  • Building new areas of Practice in Creative Manufacturing and BVoc Programs
  • Master of Arts - Impact Entrepreneurship
  • Transforming society through business and design
  • Innovative financing through offsets and securitization
  • Co Creation through radical collaboration
  • Platform Building

Projects showcase:

Creative Manufacturing

Creative Manufacturing

Creative Manufacturing
Natural Fibres and the Creative Manufacturing sector Moonj grass fashion accessories, water hyacinth footwear and loom  woven banana bark table accessories.


Entrepreneurship for Impact

Entrepreneurship for Impact

Entrepreneurship for Impact
Embroidery skills harnessed to provide employment for women making modern home accessories and fashion garments.