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Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay
Teaching Faculty

Area of Practice

Cognitive scientist, biologist, and artist.

Works on aesthetics, cognition, emotion, and multi-modal communication.

Practising photographer and videographer, photo essayist, and digital artist.


MSc, Zoology (First Class & 3rd Prize in Masters Seminar); Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India.

PhD, Biomedical Science, Departments of Biochemistry & Zoology, University of Calcutta, India.

Five-Year Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) (First Division, Distinction in Practical); Pracheen Kala Kendra - Indian Classical Art Organisation, Chandigarh, India, Calcutta Study Centre - Chitrakala, Kolkata.

Work Experience

Faculty in Information Arts and Information Design Practices, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, India, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, India (October 2022–present).

Adjunct Professor (Honourary), NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru, India (April 2022–present).

British Academy Newton International Fellow & Honorary Research Associate. University College London—Department of Experimental Psychology, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (in Faculty of Brain Sciences, School of Life Sciences), London, UK (January 2018–October 2021).

Creative Director—‘AcademiaOne’, UK. Academic Education Providing Company Supported by University College London Innovation and Enterprise, UK (June–October 2020).

Course Lecturer, Cognitive Psychology Module (Emotion & Cognition) for MSc Psychological Sciences Programme. University College London, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, London, United Kingdom (2021). Also offered lecture at the Virtual Winter Festival of Learning, University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education (2021).

Worked as an assistant fMRI operator at Birkbeck-UCL Centre for NeuroImaging (BUCNI), UK (2018–2020).

Tier-1-Exceptional-Talent-VISA awardee in the ‘Exceptional-Promise’ category by UK Immigration. Awarded by the British Academy and UK Home Office. (tenure of VISA: 2019–2024).

Former DST Govt. of India Post-Doctoral Fellow & PI in Cognitive Science Research Initiative Project. Centre for Cognitive Science (with Humanities and Social Sciences) Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IIT GN), Gujarat, India (Adjunct teaching experience: taught 'neuroaesthetics' as a full-semester special elective course, 2014–2016).

Former ICMR Research Associate (Biomedical genetics): Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India; Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta, India (2010–2013).

Practising Artist (Work portfolio:

Photography received official selections and recognition at the Venice International Photo Contest, in Italy, at the International Photography Awards, in the USA, at Prix de la Photographie, Paris and on the National Geographic website.

One of the founding artist contributors of the art subscription and sales company (, UK).

Selected Publications

[Journal Article]  Sonawane D., Pandey P., Mukopadhyay D., (sic: read - Mukhopadhyay D.), Miyapuram K.P. (2021). Movie Identification from Electroencephalography Response Using Convolutional Neural Network. In: Mahmud M., Kaiser M.S., Vassanelli S., Dai Q., Zhong N. (eds) Brain Informatics-BI 2021 Lecture Notes in Computer Science, (Springer Nature, Switzerland AG) (Series ISSN:0302-9743, eBook ISBN:978-3-030-86993-9), vol 12960. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-86993-9_25, WOSUID: WOS:000768819800025

[Book Chapter]  Tripathi R., Mukhopadhyay D., Singh C.K., Miyapuram K.P., Jolad S. (2020). Characterization of Functional Brain Networks and Emotional Centers Using the Complex Networks Techniques, Complex Networks 2019, part of Studies In Computational Intelligence book series (Series ISSN:1860-949X, eBook ISBN:978-3-030-36683-4), 882, pp. 854–867, 2020, in H. Cherifi et al. (Eds.): Complex Networks and Their Applications VIII. (Springer Nature, Switzerland AG), DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-36683-4_68, WOSUID: WOS:000843839700068

[Review Article] МукхопадхьяйД. (2019). Нейрофилософияархетипаввизуальнойэстетик: отПлатонадоЗекиидалее, Альманах №3 2012-2015 — Журнал "Юнгианский Анализ" ( (Link in Russian) Jungian Analysis Journal, (translated from English and published by Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology, Russia) N 3, pp.153-192. ISSN:22259651 [Russian print publication of Mukhopadhyay D. (2014). The neuro-philosophy of archetype in visual aesthetics: from Plato to Zeki and beyond (published in the journal PsyArt (The PsyArt Foundation, USA), ISSN:1088-5870); [English Version Open Access]

[Conference Paper] Nath S.S., Mukhopadhyay D., & Miyapuram K. P. (2019). Emotive Stimuli-triggered Participant-based Clustering Using a Novel Split-and-Merge Algorithm. Proceedings of the ACM-India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data (Association for Computing Machinery, USA) 277-280. ISSN:2168-4081, ISBN:978-1-4503-6207-8, DOI: 10.1145/3297001.3297040, WOSUID: WOS:000557252800039

[Review Article]  Mukhopadhyay D.  (2015). The dual-phase oscillation hypothesis and the neuropsychology of docu-fiction film. Consciousness, Literature and the Arts (University of Lincoln, UK), 16 (1). ISSN:1470-5648. (Open Access)

[Journal Article]  Mukhopadhyay D. (2014). Understanding the neuropsychology of aesthetic paradox: the dual-phase oscillation hypothesis. Review of General Psychology (American Psychological Association/ SAGE Publishing, USA), 18(3), 237-248. ISSN:1089- 2680. DOI: 10.1037/GPR0000009, WOSUID: WOS:000342503600007

[Journal Article]  Mukhopadhyay D., Varghese A., Pal M., Banerjee S., Bhattacharyya A., Sharma R., & Agarwal A. (2010). Semen quality and age-specific changes: a study between two decades on 3,729 male partners of couples with normal sperm count and attending an andrology laboratory for infertility-related problems in an Indian city. Fertility and Sterility (Elsevier, USA), 93(7), 2247--2254. PMID:19328484, ISSN:0015-0282, DOI: 10.1016/J.FERTNSTERT.2009.01.135, WOSUID: WOS:000277608200022

[Journal Article]  Mukhopadhyay D., Nandi P., Varghese A., Gutgutia R., Banerjee S., & Bhattacharyya A.   (2010). The in vitro effect of benzo [a] pyrene on human sperm hyperactivation and acrosome reaction. Fertility and Sterility (Elsevier, USA), 94(2), 595--598. PMID:19324334, ISSN:0015-0282, DOI: 10.1016/J.FERTNSTERT.2009.02.031, WOSUID: WOS:000279758800028

[Journal Article]  Mukhopadhyay D., Varghese A., Nandi P., Banerjee S., & Bhattacharyya A. (2010). CASA-based sperm kinematics of environmental risk factor-exposed human semen samples designated as normozoospermic in conventional analysis. Andrologia (Wiley & Hindawi, USA-UK), 42(4), 242--246. PMID:20629647, Online ISSN:1439-0272, DOI: 10.1111/J.1439-0272.2009.00984.X, WOSUID: WOS:000279836500006

[Journal Article]  Mukhopadhyay D., Mitra A., Nandi P., Varghese A., Murmu N., Chowdhury R., Chaudhuri K., Bhattacharyya A.K. (2009). Expression of metallothionein-1 (MT-1) mRNA in the rat testes and liver after cadmium injection. Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine (Taylor & Francis-Informa, UK)55(0), 188--192. PMID:19938953, ISSN:1939-6368 (print) /1939-6376 (online), DOI: 10.3109/19396360903114429, WOSUID: WOS:000272975100003

Interest Areas

Aesthetics, Cognition, Emotion, and Multi-Modal Communication.

Research Tools: Indian texts on Philosophy of Science, Religion, and Aesthetics (c. 1500 BC – c.1000 AD), Experimental Psychology, Eye-tracking,  Electroencephalography (EEG), Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Digital Art, Painting, Photography, and Cinema.

Current Practice at Srishti

  • Information Arts and Information Design Practices.
  • Sensory design, Emotional design, Brand analysis, Multi-modal integration and communication.
  • Cultural Neuroscience, Models of self, self-construal, and cross-cultural emotion transfer using complex naturalistic stimuli, especially films, paintings, photography and digital art.
  • The Rasa theory of Indian aesthetics and its cognitive-emotional interpretations.
  • Research practices on the ‘aesthetic paradox’ (published work: DOI: 10.1037/GPR0000009)

Creative Practice and Outreach at Srishti

Sensory Design Workshop: In this immersive workshop, the participants learnt to explore hands-on the fundamentals of sensory design and learned to craft a successful ‘design for interaction'.

Engage in Research (Aesthetics, Cognition, and Emotion - Studio): Attaining the ability to formulate a research hypothesis while creating a work of art. Through this ability, a student could explore an experimental research design in their craft as a part of their artwork project.

Projects showcase:


Project ‘Impulse’: conducting a sensory experience to gauge the effect of senses on one’s emotions & decision making. (Picture Credits: Andrew Britto, Ankitha Kashyap, Arundhuti Dey, Palak Agarwal, Priya Naik, Shreshta Santhosh, and Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay)



Studio – ‘Engage in Research’: From reinterpreting Dalian symbols in sculpture to making the perfect Arthritis-busting clothespin; from building a soundscape-narrative on climate-change to studying social-appraisal through their documentary films – students exploring experimental research designs in their craft as a part of their artwork and design projects (Picture credits: Anahita Uppal, Aamir Arsiwala, Abisha Soans, Manvi Jaju, and Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay).



Workshop-Project ‘Sniff’: a working prototype of a smell library. (Picture Credits: Ananya Shenoy, Anna Kaufmann, Aryan Goud, Mekhala Subramanian, and Stuti Joshi)



Workshop-Project ‘True-Crime’: Storyboarding a booklet based on a real-life crime incident and testing whether sensorial cues in the surroundings impact a person’s logical reasoning and response rate.  (Picture credits: Mohit Dasgupta, Madhumita Raveendhrun, Mallika Nethra Sreenivasan, Sainani Anoushka Sameer, Shalini Kundu, and Shreya Gourisetti)