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Ayisha Abraham

Area of Practice

Visual Artist


BFA in Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda

MFA in Fine Arts, Rutgers University, USA

Work Experience

  • Freelance Artist and Assistant to Artists
  • Teaching assistant, Rutgers University, USA
  • Teaching (community outreach) art to children at Public schools,
  • Art writing and Exhibitions
  • Member of artists’ collectives

Interest Areas

Contemporary art; history of art; visual culture

Current Practice at Srishti

Contemporary art; visual culture; art history

Creative practice and outreach

  • Independent Practice as an artist
  • Short filmmaking inclusive of home movies
  • Museum and gallery exhibitions; art collectives
  • Public Art (MFA) at Sultanpet, in Nandi Hills, with a local government school

Projects showcase:

Public Art

Public Art
Public Art at Sultanpet, Nandi Hills: Masters students in collaboration with a local government school, 2019


Public Art
Public Art in Sultanpet, Nandi Hills: Local school children exploring art, 2019


Arte Povera

Arte Povera
MFA students explain their artistic process for the unit, Arte Povera, 2019


Arte Povera
Exploring material and materialities, Arte Povera, 2019