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Aruldevan S.

Area of Practice

Visual artist, Art educator


Degree in painting (drawing, painting, graphic art), Ken School of Arts, Bangalore

Drawing Masters Certificate (art education), Ken School of Arts, Bangalore

Work Experience

  • Lecturer in Visual Art (painting, life study, Graphic art), Ken School of Arts, Bangalore
  • Worked in the multimedia industry as Visualizer (Pre production skills, digital advertisement)
  • Taught Art and design digital (international curriculum) at international schools and organizations in Bangalore
  • Conducted workshops and seminars on visual arts and art appreciation

Interest Areas

Visual arts (multiple discipline) digital art; New media art

Current Practice at Srishti

Visual arts /design (multiple disciplines), Contextual studies, Inquiry-based, Investigation, Semiotics, Interpretation

Creative Practice and Outreach

Participated as artist in state, national and international shows, sponsored by Karnataka Lalitha Kala academy, Central Lalitha kala Academi, Bharthiyavidya Bhavan

Group shows (private galleries) include:

  • All india exhibition Chitrakala Parishath             
  • Venkatappa art gallery Bangalore
  • Rabindrakalasketra Bangalore

Talks on art schools and art education  with All India radio commercial broadcasting services including Public TV Bangalore  and CNN IBN

Projects showcase:

Decoding the Metaphor Mahabharata - as–  Body and Context 

Decoding the Metaphor Mahabharata - as–  Body and Context
Installation Art titled Death of Bhishma (Juxtaposition – climate change) by student, Diwaker Iskhit Srivastava


Body as Metamorphosis

Body as Metamorphosis
Student work: Interpretation of a Kabir Song, using charcoal on paper.


Body as Metamorphosis
Student work: Interpretation of A.K.Ramanujan’s A Flowering Tree, using charcoal on paper.