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Archit Vinod Vaze

Area of Practice

Art Direction for animated content, Character design and world building, 3D artist, illustrating and story writing for books.


Masters in 3D Animation, Bournemouth University, UK

Work Experience

Worked as an 3d artist, Concept development artist, story writer and illustrator with some of the best people and projects around the world.

Graphiti Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai based animation studio founded by Mr.Ram Mohan who is considered as the father of Indian animation.
Worked on World of Oo, by Joanna Ferrone who is the co-creator of Fido Dido from 7Up amongst other IPs
Cartoon Network India| original IP | Kulveera |
Childrens Film Society | Krish, Trish aur Batliboy |
World of Oo | Created by Joanna Ferrone |

Eeksaurus Studios
Mumbai based animation studio founded by E Suresh (national film award recipient)
Bank of Baroda | TVC |3D artist |
Adhunik Cement | TVC | Character Design |
River to River | Festival intro | Ideation |
HP innovation | 3d artist |

Prime Focus World (D-Neg crew)
Sin City 2 – A damn to kill for | based on graphic novel by Frank Miller |
3d environment artist |

Motion Philm CGI Pvt. Ltd
Bobby and Bill |TV show – France, Belgium | f
reelance 3D Character Modeller/ Lead |

Independent artist/illustrator making self-published books and merchandised products.
Indie Comix Fest |
event poster |

SoFarMusic event posters |
Pune |
Mumbai |

India Game Developer Conference IGDC | BYOG 2019 event poster | Merchandise illustrations.

Created a pitch deck for a major channel (writing episodic stories, character and world design) for an unreleased children’s TV-animated show.

Interest Areas

3d illustration and animation, Gaming, AR/VR, concept development, digital sculpting, 3d printing

Current Practice at Srishti

3D asset creation, Concept Art, character design, Sequential art, art direction, look development, 3d printing

Recent Units facilitated


The Prince Claus Fund, Netherlands and the British Council believe that both heritage and arts have the potential to create dialogue between communities and foster mutual understanding, and that new media opens up further opportunities for such dialogues to become inclusive and immersive experiences.

The Contemporary Take, Beyond Cultural Heritage Programme helps make projects like ‘Bambaiyya VR’ that enable young people to engage with diverse cultural heritage within their own context and/or across six countries of South Asia (i.e. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) through contemporary artistic and new media interventions.

media coverage



Every week, hundreds of artists share their work on the Blender Artists (official forum). Bart Veldhuizen puts some of the best work in the spotlight in a weekly post here on BlenderNation.

3d illustration – July 2022

3D printing – Nov 2022



Collaborating with yellow mouse studio to create a working pipeline to create 3d animations using opensource software’s (Krita, Blender3d)

Creating seasonal greetings in stop motion styled 3d animation using blender3d.
Creating a 3d ident for yellow mouse studio around the concept of idea factory. It was a short 15 day project from ideation to final renders.

Projects showcase:

3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting