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2 year Studio Based Program


Srishti’s vision is to nurture art and design practitioners who are creative, sensitive, empathetic, and are able to deal with the interdisciplinary nature of work as it occurs in the real world.

The Studio-based Program provides multiple approaches for experiencing and practicing these objectives.

This is an immersive space where students learn new skills and embark on new ways of thinking. It enables students to acquire fundamental concepts, skills, languages of expression, and ethical guidelines that underline professional practice.

Constantly adapting, rethinking and questioning what is learnt is implicit in the learning process of the Studio-based program.
Through its many components it allows for experiential learning, experimentation, and interaction with the real world.

The Studio component provides core skills, while the Charette gives students the opportunity to apply this learning in multiple contexts. In the Workshop they practice their craft skills.
General Studies give students a broad knowledge base, and equip them to deal with complexity, diversity and change.
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The Interim Semester is an exciting space where students work intensively alongside contemporary artists from around the world.

Srishti Interim projects are contemporary art projects built into the curriculum as an ‘Interim’ semester since 2004, to nurture emerging creative talent through experimentation and collaboration. It is an open ended framework for learning through engagement with artistic practice. It connects with the creative processes of researching, reproducing, documenting, collecting, intervening, collaborating, experimenting, producing and presenting.

Internships introduce students to the professional working environment.

Combined together, these components make up the Studio-Based Program at Srishti. It comprises Year 2 and 3 of the Professional Diploma Program.


Charette conducted by Phillips India.

Experience flow being mapped during the Phillips Charette.

Colour and Pattern Charette.

Products developed during the weave Charette.

Wood Block Print Charette.

Transformer Furniture.

Design of Cyclist Bags.

Tactile Books.

Exhibition of work done during the charettes.

Studio Classes

Experimental Type studio.

Animation studio Charater and consequences.

Engrossed in detailing.

Group work during the studio class.

Engrossed in her Artwork.

Assemblage Art.

Print making.

Looms set up for the weaving studio.

Working on their Animation films.

Feedback sessions.

Studio presentation and crit.


Ply-Split Braiding Workshop.

Product developed in the Ply-split Braiding workshop.

Crafting at a workshop.

Prototyping in the wood and metal workshop.

Prototyping in the workshop.

Prototyping Simple Furniture.

Fashion Accessories desigined during the Shibori workshop.

Products from the natural dye Shibori workshop.

A field trip (reconnect with nature) as part of the Biomimicry Workshop.

In class learning through games /exercises at the Biomimicry Workshop.

Class work and display at the Biomimicry Workshop.

Display at the Biomimicry Workshop.