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Post Graduate Diploma Program - Bridge

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That combination of thought and action defines creative confidence: the ability to come up with new ideas and courage to try them out. - Tom Kelly

Students of PGDP Bridge working with wet media to explore techniques of visual expression. PC Vishakha Chanchani.


Can I enter a creative field after my graduation in the arts, sciences or economics?

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology now gives undergraduate students of any discipline a unique opportunity: a year to find the time and a space to engage with ideas and explore the possibilities of a better career and profession in the creative and cultural industries to find their passion.

The Postgraduate Diploma Program (PGDP) Bridge makes it easier for a student to enter a Masters program in Art and Design, even with three years of undergraduate education from a totally unrelated discipline. This program represents a real opportunity for students who have completed a three-year course such as B.A./B.Sc./B.Com/B.Litt.; or in service sector oriented programs such as hotel management or hospitality; as it will give them the essential skills needed to continue into Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.), Master of Design (M.Des.) or Master of Planning (M.Plan), with its multiple choices of courses.

Work done in the Intuition and expression studio unit. PC Vishakha Chanchani

Modes of learning:

Taught over two semesters, this one-year graduate level program is designed to build a strong foundation towards the Masters programs. The program is delivered through course work which is hands on and rooted in context

Contextual enquiry
Theory and Understanding Units
Portfolio development
Knowledge Enhancement (Ability or Skills)

Learning Approaches

The Bridge program has been crafted for students to develop their creative skills at a foundational level.

  • The program encourages the understanding of art and design practice through unlearning.
  • The process helps students reflect on their training so far, break down convictions and reorient themselves for discovery.
  • Acquire proficiency in using tools of thinking, visualisation, inquiry and questioning.

Research presentation by students of PGDP Bridge. PC Swati Maskeri.

Capability Sets

  • Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of a chosen area of knowledge and ability, to communicate the same through a written paper or exhibition, as part of the theory and seminar units.
  • Explore and extend new skill sets to develop a practice and demonstrate the ability to engage in the context through studios and projects.
  • Teamwork and management in response to design briefs' - through art and design sprints and projects
  • Self study, autonomy and creative problem solving through projects

Students working on 3D models in the unit Thinking through Material. PC Madhuri Rao.


After successful completion of this year, a student could gain entry into the two year Post Graduate Professional Program at Srishti Manipal or elsewhere.


Postgraduate Diploma





The Bridge program is designed to build a strong foundation towards the Masters (M.F.A, M.Des) for applicants with undergraduate degrees in unrelated fields. The skill sets taught will enable you to move towards a career in the creative arts or creative industry.

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the Bridge program if you have completed a three-year degree in any subject from a recognized college/university such as a B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.Litt., BHM. etc.

On successful completion of the Bridge program, you get automatic entry into the Masters’ program at Srishti in the area of specialisation that you had chosen in the PGDP year.

The change of specialisation/course into the Masters program of your choice is not always possible or recommended.

During the first semester you are introduced to art and design tools and methods through hands on exercises. Towards the second semester you will be provided with skill sets that are essential to the specific field of study in art and design that you have chosen for your Masters program.

Srishti Manipal follows a continuous grading system. Each unit that you are enrolled into will be assessed. You will be expected to participate in a design challenge at the end of the year that will act as a practical examination and may also be required to produce a written paper that reflects theoretical understanding.

Students coming into the Bridge program can come from a completely non-art & design background of education if they wish to acquire essential skills needed for professions in the creative industry. Students choosing the Finish program would come with a prior education in art and design and are looking to extend and consolidate their learning through an immersive approach.

This will extend your skill and knowledge base in a chosen field of study or area of interest within Art and Design. This will also make you eligible to persue a Professional Masters programe in art or design.

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