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Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies offers a variety of theoretical approaches to understand the ways in which culture informs social practices, political processes, economic behaviour, or artistic products. It addresses questions that range from the nature of cultural difference to the modes of domination and resistance. It provides interdisciplinary framework to understand the nature of contemporary visual cultures and to analyse how spatiality is being reimagined. It opens up investigation into modalities of the past and temporalities agencies, objects and institutions.

Postgraduate Diploma in New Humanities seeks to provide the intellectual resources for young minds to engage with the complexities a fully globalised culture is unfolding before us. A whole new sensibility and cognitive equipment are needed to understand the emergent social and cultural formations, creative practices and also new conflicts and contestations over identities, traditions and institutions. To meet the new challenges, we at Srishti have rethought the humanities. The two year Diploma in New Humanities will offer courses designed to encourage the students to develop skills to interpret, theorize and intervene. Intensive theoretical courses will be complemented with exposure to methodologies ranging from oral history, ethnography to digital humanities. The program is open to anyone with an undergraduate degree (BA, BSc, BE). In the first semester, there will be courses that will enable the student to engage with the different theoretical approaches in the different streams. Once the student has decided on a specialism among the streams (listed below), he/she will take courses and seminars that will enable him/her to define his/her problem area or field. In the third and fourth semester the student will focus on developing his/her research thesis with the help of a Thesis advisor. The thesis (between 15000 to 20000 words) would undertake an original theoretical analysis of a significant event, practice or movement or proposes a framework for reinterpreting accepted ways of understanding a social or cultural phenomenon. In some fields the student may be required to undertake a Capstone project instead of a thesis.

Postgraduate Diploma in New Humanities

Public History and Heritage Interpretation
Network Cultures
Aesthetics and Criticism
Cultural Studies
Museum and Gallery Practices
Urban Studies and Conservation

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