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Srishti Films

In an age where the documentary practice is changing rapidly, Srishti Films trains students in the technique of non-fiction filmmaking, exposing them to various genres of documentary story telling.

We expose students to the contemporary debates and issues in the field of environment and development, broaden their horizon beyond fiction, empower them with additional skills besides the nuts and bolts skills of camera, sound and editing, to help them understand and negotiate the complex, constantly changing world of documentary films.


Srishti Films has been set up to create an exclusive apprenticeship space for non-fiction film, where students get to pitch and work on commissioned client film projects.

The idea is to encourage critical thinking among students through engaging with complex issues and contemporary debates in the fields of environment, development and local livelihoods; to train the next generation of documentary filmmakers to navigate the many layers of an issue and to get under the skin of the subject rather than simply touching the surface.

Students learn that professional ethics and the ability to negotiate with multiple stakeholders, be it an NGO partner, a bureaucrat, an activist or a villager in a remote area is as important as filming a beautiful sunset or editing a music sequence.


The following are a list of films and documentaries produced by Srishti Films:

My nomad soul - A short film on the Forest Rights Act
Collaboration – Kalpavriksh, Pune &Vasundhara, Bhubaneswar
Funding – Ford Foundation & Oxfam

Shifting Tides – kharai camels of Kachchh
Collaboration: SAHJEEVAN, Kachchh
Diploma film - 2014

Zar, zameen aur zaan – The resilience of the Banni landscape in Kachchh
Collaboration: RAMBLE, Kachchh
Diploma film - 2014

Rolgol – an experimental diploma film set in Kachchh
Collaboration: Kutch Abhiyan, KMVS
Diploma film – 2014

Bhit pe baithe do Fakir – An animation documentary on the Wayee singers of Kachchh
Collaboration: KMVS, Kutch Abiyan
Diploma film - 2014

Crops of truth - A 6-part film series on rain-fed agriculture and pastoralism
Collaboration- Revitalization of Rain-fed Agriculture Network
Funding – Ford Foundation/HIVOS

A film on camel milk economy of Kachchh
Collaboration – Sahjeevan, Kachchh
Funding – Sahjeevan, Kachchh


The following are a list of films and documentaries produced by Srishti Films that have won awards:

SHIFTING TIDES by Aakash Doshi - Best Film (Non-fiction) - National Student's Film Awards, 2015
ROLGOL by Karan Dilip Wohra - Best Editing (Non-fiction) - National Student's Film Awards, 2015
MY NOMAD SOUL by Harsimran Kaur & Siddharth Govindan - Best Newcomer Award at VATAVARAN Wildlife & Environment film festival, 2015

Project Partners:

  1. Kalpavriksh, Pune,
  2. Vasundhara, Odisha,
  3. Atree, Bangalore,
  4. Sahjeevan, Kachchh
  5. Aqua for All (via 300in6), The Netherlands
  6. International Centre for Research on women
  7. Dakshin Foundation
  8. League for Pastoral Peoples & endogenous livestock development(LPP), Germany


  1. Ford Foundation
  2. Oxfam
  3. GIZ (German International Cooperation)
  4. UNDP
  5. Aqua for All, The Netherlands
  6. International Centre for Research on Women


  • Sanjay Barnela – Lead Faculty
  • Prachee Bajania


Srishti films at production.

Srishti films at production.

Srishti films.