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Admissions: Doctoral Program in Art, Design and Transdisciplinary Studies

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Doctoral Program in Art, Design and Transdisciplinary Studies


Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, offers a 3 year Doctoral Program in Art, Design and Transdisciplinary Studies

The goal of doctoral program at Srishti Manipal is to develop competency in high-quality and rigorous research in art, design and transdisciplinary studies with the view of making original contributions to these disciplines. The program encompasses a range of scholarly research, design, and creative production. It aims to build capacities for design, design education, art and art education that address problems and opportunities of contemporary society and are cognizant of India’s rich tangible and intangible heritage.

Eligibility for Admission

  1. An applicant seeking admission to the 3-Year Doctoral program must have an aggregate of 60% or an equivalent grade, in the Master’s degree.
  2. Applicants with Master’s degrees or equivalent from foreign universities will have to produce a certificate or recognition/equivalence by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), as equivalent to the corresponding Indian degrees, for the purpose of higher studies.



Admission Process

An applicant must successfully complete the Doctoral Program admissions process as outlined in the SMEAT protocol.

Selection Protocols 2024 - Doctoral Program in Art, Design and Transdisciplinary Studies

Fee Schedule for 2024-25


There are three factors that make our Doctoral Program unique

  1. The program is set within a rich ecosystem of Srishti Manipal with practitioners, scholars, artists, designers and others who provide inspiration, support as well as a space to build, collegially, ideas.
  2. The program values practice and reflection on practice as the start to the doctoral journey. The final submission may include creative artifacts produced during this period which could support and validate the doctoral thesis artistically.
  3. The program is transdisciplinary and hence opens the doors to research that is collaborative and could be transformative too.

A Doctoral proposal is a structured document developed under the mentorship of a scholar’s Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC) that clearly articulates her/his research topic, knowledge of the area of research, timelines and the nature of outputs. The proposal must be approved by scholar’s DAC and a university level committee before a scholar can be formally registered to the program.

It is not necessary, but we strongly encourage the candidates to have developed a clear understanding of an area of research that they would like to pursue during their doctoral studies. The topic of research can be decided at the time of writing the proposal mentored by a guide and members of Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC)

Yes. The doctoral scholars are required to do course work that includes a courses on research methodology and research ethics.

A scholar enrolled in the Doctoral program should spend minimum of one semester in the program from the date of enrolment before submitting the PhD proposal.

A DAC is a committee responsible for guiding the scholar through their research and thesis. The DAC consist of a Guide ( certified by MAHE) and two Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Scholars can choose a guide from a list of certified guides, all of whom must be full-time employees of Srishti Manipal / MAHE.

Yes from the faculty of Srishti Manipal and MAHE.

Based on the nature of research requirements a doctoral scholar may choose to have a co-guide. Both the guide and co-guide must be certified to guide the program by MAHE.


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