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Srivi Kalyan

Area of Practice

Artist, Poet, Designer, Educator & Philosopher (Environmental art and aesthetics)


Masters in Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai

Masters, Arts in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge

PhD ( Art and Ecological Consciousness) from The University Of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences And Technology, Bangalore.

Title:The Porous Self - Crafting An Intrinsic Ecological Consciousness
Through Text, Image And Movement.

Her doctoral research focuses on Indian philosophical traditions, aesthetics and personal art practice to uncover intrinsic ecological consciousness.

Work Experience

  • Authored and illustrated several children’s books as well as stories for adults and is an award winning writer and illustrator. Her stories and illustrations have been published by Katha, Puffin, Tulika, Ediciones Castillo, Oxford Bookstore Website, Reader’s Digest, Manoj Prakshan and others
  • Worked for some of the leading educational/edutainment organizations like Sesame Street, NCERT, idiscoveri, Katha, Tulika, Birla Edutech, Ilango’s Art space, designing cutting edge books and media for children and young people on one end, and workshops, curriculum, teacher training modules, interdisciplinary strengthening, design and delivery of curriculums on the other
  • Worked as the Creative Director, Sesame Street India, 2007-2009 on developing several educational design projects, books, media and curricula, teacher training, working across diverse media platforms, branding & advertising.
  • Runs creative programs in eco-art, environmental aesthetics and philosophy in diverse platforms, develops creative environmental educational tools, curricula and programs.
  • Writes on art and art education in magazines and websites like Parent Circle, Azim Premji Foundation’s Learning Curve, and others

Interest Areas

Environmental art, aesthetics and philosophy; arts education; visual art & design; illustration; earth education; conservation and communication; ecological consciousness; Indian art & art history; creative writing

Current Practice at Srishti

Dean- Law, Environment & Planning

B.Des, PGDP & M.Des Information Arts and Information Design Practices

PGDP & M.Des Earth Education and Communication

Integrated Doctoral Program Reimagining Transitions

Principal Investigator – Lila: Artist Research Studio and Center for Reimagining Transitions (CRT) 

Art and Ecological consciousness, Design for children, Contemplation and compassion, Teaching and learning, Aesthetics, and Creative Writing

Creative Practice and Outreach

Working with different communities on art education, eco-art and ecological consciousness. Visual Art – Diverse Media, Creative writing, children’s publishing and educational media

Projects showcase:

Secrets of the Earth

Secrets of the Earth
At Kathlekan forest for the unit, Secrets of the Earth


Project:  Becoming River, Wing, Tree, Tail,

Project:  Becoming River, Wing, Tree, Tail,
Project: Becoming River, Wing, Tree, Tail, at Meghalaya