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Kumkum Nadig

Area of Practice

Visual communication Designer and Educator


B Arch., Rachna Sansad, Mumbai, India

M Des, IDC, IIT Bombay, India

MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI, USA

Work Experience

  • Independent Designer, MI, USA
  • Philips India, Mumbai, India as a Graphic Designer
  • Philip International, Eindhoven, The Netherlands as a Graphic Designer
  • Independent Designer, Mumbai, India
  • Co-founder and Design Director, Leubin Design, Bangalore, India
  • Guest Faculty, Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, India
  • Faculty in Graphic Design Program at Durham College, Oshawa, ON, Canada
  • Senior Faculty & Course Coordinator, Visual Communication, Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, India
  • Dean, School of Design Business and Technology, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, India
  • Founder and Design Director, Kena Design, Bangalore, India

Interest Areas

Exploring and documenting vernacular Indian typographic communication forms.

Examining the intersections between art, design, history & culture as an impetus for design curriculum.

Mixed media prints; experiments in combining and integrating digital as well as traditional printmaking practices

Current Practice at Srishti

Symbolism in Visual Culture and its impact on Visual Communication

Historical milestones of Visual Communication in India across various mediums, Researching the origins and influences on visual design of 19th and 20th century India.

Experiments and explorations in Typographic Form & Communication

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Member of Guerilla Studios, co-conducting workshops in collaborative mixed-media art at SIGGRAPH, USA
  • Conducted Design Thinking workshop at Design Yatra for participating students
  • Conducted a short course in Information Visualisation at Wellingkar’s Business School
  • Conducted workshop in Visual Symbolism and Semiotics for students of Graphic Design and Film at Merz Academie, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Conducted “Type Collages” Workshop. Typoday 2013 Conference. IIT Guwahati, India
  • Invited to be the Jury Member to evaluate Typoday Poster competition and D’Source Poster competition entries from India and abroad 2014 to 2022
  • Won an International Award (A’Design Awards) for the book design for IIM Calcutta, India
  • Conducted “Typographic Selfies” Workshop. Typoday 2015 Conference. IDC, IIT Bombay, India
  • Acted as Conference Chair, and planned Typoday 2016 Conference. Bangalore, India
  • Conducted “DiversiType” Workshop. Typoday2017 Conference. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Presented a Talk: “Future of Education”. Adobe Education Leaders Seminar 2017. Hua Hin, Thailand
  • Conducted “Typographic Abstraction” Workshop. Typoday 2018 at JJ School of Art, Mumbai, India
  • Conducted “Planar Typography” Workshop. Typoday 2019 Conference. IIT Bombay, India
  • Invited to be ASPaC 2019 Jury Member, Tokyo, Japan
  • Conducted “Altered Pages” workshop. Typoday 2020 Conference. Applied Science Private University, Amman, Jordan
  • Invited to be Session Chair at Typoday conferences in various cities of India, Sri Lanka and Jordan each year from 2014 to 2021.
  • Presented a paper on Srishti Pedagogy (focus on Visual Communication Design Curriculum) at Ahmedabad University Centre for Learning Futures. Ahmedabad Learning Dialogues – A conference on Teaching and Learning, 2021.
  • Presented a paper titled “Art Against Spectacle –Art and Design as a Response to Culture as a Perceptible Communication at IDR 2022 conference, University of Moratuwa, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Projects showcase:

Art Against Spectacle8th semester project mentoring 30 students to design and create personal expressions in response to the brief based on Guy Debord’s book Society of the Spectacle.

Part of Anjori Vichare’s output for Art Against Spectacle Project


Anushka Garg’s installation work as the final output for Art Against Spectacle Project


Part of Manasa Chitlangia’s work towards final output for Art Against Spectacle Project


Shifting Perspectives: Decolonising Design – 8th semester project mentoring 41 students to understand the idea of Colonisation and respond to it through personal expression.

Guiding the students at a workshop in Udaipur at Jatan Sansthan, Udaipur.


Anshika Sharma’s final output ‘Color the Devi’ provides an online platform to voice the mundane thoughts of many dark-skinned Indians who can’t escape the colorist attitudes of their very own people.


Dhriti Jain created a visual narrative around the tea culture in India, starting from its introduction as a colonial cash crop in the 19th century to its transformation into Chai, an indigenized and popularized beverage of India.


Kavya Kodianthara’s colouring book amalgamates the culture that a small community of Knanayaites carried from Syria to Kerala. The illustrations reveal how fiercely the Knanayites have protected their culture while being assimilated into the local culture of the land they now call their own- Kerala.


Rahul Kashyap’s Casting India is a blanket of satire. The online magazine contextualises India’s caste system, a contemporary cultural praxis, to bring about social awareness.


Payal Darekar’s book Uncovering Culture seeks to decolonise Indian design through book covers, storytelling and aesthetics. Our most diverse aesthetics and visual cacophony is unpacked through presenting regional aesthetics and design through examining book covers.