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Chaitanya Krishnan

Area of Practice

Digital Artist and Animator


Diploma (Communication Design), Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore

Work Experience

  • Co Founder and CG Generalist at Falana Films, Bangalore, India
  • Co-Founder and Art Director at Deep Mobile Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru Area, India
  • Sketchfab Master at
  • Lead Artist at One3One4, Bengaluru Area, India
  • Senior Designer, Space Bender at Flip Design Pvt Ltd. Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India

Interest Areas

3d art and animation, Gaming, VR and AR, Visual Literacy, and Evolution of ideas.

Current Practice at Srishti

3D Animation, Concept Art

Creative Practice and Outreach

Works on personal art projects and facilitates hands on learning with students and fellow artists and designers.

Motion graphics for the opening ceremonies of Make in Odisha and Skilled in Odisha.…

These were choreographed by Janardhan Raj Urs and used as the backdrop for his team of performers. It ranged from animated objects, and effects to archival footage provided by the organisers. This was for a series of events, I worked on two of them, one with floor projection mapping, and the other with multiple screens on stage.


Alag Karo Short Film

Alag Karo, Har Din Teen Bin is an endeavour towards contributing to efficient management of Municipal Solid Waste. The objective of the project is establishing and sustaining segregation at source and developing capacities of the waste collectors (formal and informal) to ensure high recycling rates in Gurugram. This film captures the spirit of the program and showcases the need to segregate waste at source and how this small step entails huge benefits.

Concept, Script, Direction and Production - Falana Films
Camera - Aarthi Parthasarathy, Shalaka Pai, Meghna Menon
Animation - Chaitanya Krishnan
Overlay Animation - Shalaka Pai
Edit - Aarthi Parthasarathy
Colour Grading - Meghna Menon
Music and Sound Design - Arjun Chandran
Voiceover - Shruthi Chandrasekaran
Acting Cameo - Shalaka Pai
In collaboration with Saahas, Sattva and Coca Cola, India (Sponsors)

A Simple Guide to Coal Mining (Satirical film for Amnesty International)

A short animated film on coal mining in India and its repercussions, made as part of Amnesty International India’s campaign “When Land is Lost, Do We Eat Coal?”

Made using research from the Cost Of Coal report by Aruna Chandrashekar from Amnesty International India, this project uses sped up visuals to satirise the speed at which development takes place in India, and the confusion and devastation caused to those whose land is acquired for this purpose. This Simple Guide to Coal Mining in India shows what affected communities face when their land is taken from them for coal mining in the ‘national interest’.

Production Design by Chaitanya Krishnan
Animation by Chaitanya Krishnan and Shalaka Pai
Direction and Edit by Aarthi Parthasarathy
Music and Sound by Arjun Chandran
Voiceover by Arjun Chandran
Research by Aruna Chandrashekar


An animated film on Gender and Gender Identity made as part of the Induction Curriculum run by Breakthrough India.

Video by Falana Films
Production Design by Kaveri Gopalakrishnan
Animation by Chaitanya Krishnan and Shalaka Pai
Direction and Edit by Aarthi Parthasarathy
Music and Sound by Arjun Chandran
Voiceover by Deepa Rodrigues and Arjun Chandran
Pre-Production Assistance by Rosabel Ibtisam

More of my past work as well as ongoing projects can be seen at

Projects showcase:

Concept Art


Work by student Rrushika Kadam


Work by student Treena Gupta.


Work by student Sunay Rai.


3d Worlds


Work by student Sanjana Unni.