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Mercedes-Benz AG Innovation Challenge Winners

Mercedes-Benz AG Innovation Challenge Winners

A team of six students from Srishti Manipal Institute emerged victorious in the Mercedes-Benz AG Innovation Challenge and won the first prize  in this very prestigious international design contest, bettering some of the top design schools of the world!

Their project, Avishkar Autohaus, is designed to be a futuristic showroom for the year 2039, specifically tailored for the vibrant cities of India.

The vision was to transform the traditional showroom into a captivating experience centre that goes beyond showcasing cars. The SMI team created an environment where visitors could immerse themselves in an awe-inspiring automotive innovation and luxury journey.

Through a harmonious blend of advanced technology, sustainable design, and a deep understanding of our target audience, the SMI students managed to revolutionize the concept of a showroom. The focus was to offer an unparalleled customer experience and pave the way for the future of automotive retail.

This amazing victory would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and collective expertise of the exceptional SMI team members:

Vidushi Garg, Mythili Emani, Naomi Karodt, Param Gandhi, Arundhuti Dey, and Shreshta Santhosh.

Please click on the below link for details.

Link to the project on Behance - Avishkar Autohaus- Speculative Space Design on Behance