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Strategic Communication

"Strategic Communication leverages and illuminates a deeply felt motivation with an inspiring narrative that fosters an enduring relationship with the brand."

Strategic Communication or brand communication has to link itself to a basic motivation, unearthed through research, both quantitative and qualitative, and brought to light through an imaginative insight. This process followed with diligence enables communication that is penetrative, and persuasive designed to elicit a response, reaching the ‘inner’ consumer behind the walls of his defense.

Naturally also, this can only be accomplished by an imaginatively conceived communication idea that grabs the consumer’s attention and draws them to absorb the full import of the brand story.

Guiding Principle:

At Srishti we believe that the process is king. This encompasses a deep study of the brand environment from an analysis of the competitive field to identification of the target consumer to understanding key motivational factors through research and insight generation.

The generation of a breakthrough advertising idea comes at the end of this process. The circle is only complete when all the steps are followed through with rigor.